Instruction Manual

How to use a Justin.

Below is not just a hard list of specs for you to thumb through until you find something that matches your list of requirements—though that does exist in my Resume, so check that out if that's what you really want. Instead, here we will concentrate on what I can do for you on a more intimate level. I'm a thinker and a problem solver, in addition to a technically trained developer. I also can't go a full day without feeling an urgent need to learn. So, I think in order for you to get an understanding of what I can offer you—you'll need some specific examples.

Scenario 1: Website Development

My bread and butter just so happens to be Web Development. So, if you need a stable, current, futureproof, easy to update, beautiful and engaging Content Management System or brochure website—I'm probably your guy.

Wordpress Craft Laravel

Scenario 2: Web Application Development

You're a startup. You're working alone or with a team of entrepeneurs. You all have created this wonder idea and might even have a prototype drawn up. Perhaps you even have the thing fully designed, funded and are ready to get into production. That's where I could come in and help you realize your idea into an MVP. Desktop and/or Mobile, you decide.

Meteor Node.js Express.js Vue.js Laravel AWS Firebase

Scenario 3: UI/UX Design

In addition to my services as a Developer, I can also lead your digital UI/UX design challenges. I absolutely have a passion for web application interface design. I can be a consultant to those in need of UI/UX problem solving. This is something I've picked up from doing and seeing—not just studying and reading. I will not throw out buzz words to impress, but rather apply experience to reach a solution.

Sketch Photoshop Illustrator Invision

Just some notes: The Givens

I practice the current standard of web development and design trends. You will always be handed a final product that fits into the here and now. That includes the standards of SEO as well. I make it a standard practice to equip all sites with the tools to be able to grow organically on search engines.

Google Search Tools Google Analytics Meta Tags Content Structure

I'm pretty versatile.

Integrate me into your team.

I work wonderfully in team settings. Having been a lead developer on several projects and the point of contact for clients, I am comfortable with and efficient at team play.

Hire me as a "start-to-finish" guy.

As a Director of Digital for a smaller agency, and with many years of freelance behind me, I can take on many roles to get a smaller project done all by my lonesome.