Where I've Been & Where I'm Going

Posted on December 06, 2016

Where I've been.

After some spotty attempts throughout the past year, and a few kicks in the pants, I've decided to really get on it and get a new website out. Immediately, most of you will notice something new—a weird little pickle logo thinggy. Well, that's picklepilot and there's some funny stories surrounding that little guy. Basically, that's my "brand." And when I say brand I mean it. The thing is permanently tattooed on my leg. It follows me wherever I go in my personal life so I thought it best not to deny its rightful place in my professional life as well.

Over the past year and a half, as I was filling the role of Director of Digital at Studio Tano, I ran into several opportunities to shelve my standard everyday toolkit and really tear into some new technologies I'd always wanted to discover. Just to name a few:

  • Node.js/Express for custom APIs
  • Vue js for organizing and speeding up Front End development
  • React Native for mobile app development
  • Custom Shopify theming for eCommerce solutions

You can actually check out my Offerings here.

So, that's the gist of it. I've learned a ton, and I'm ready to continue to do so.



Where I'm Going.

A new phase in my life has commenced. This new site, the more publicized existence of the picklepilot—everything is marking a new era for me. I'm not sure where I'll end up in the short term professionally. I do know that I'm prepared to continue my deep dive into new and current technologies, perpetually adding tools to my kit. 

Use this site as you wish. It can just be a way to get to know me better. But, I also want it to serve the purpose of a living resume of sorts for my Freelance business. This is my "Personal Agency" website. The one man firm of Justin Kaczmar, Web Developer. It will be an iterative approach, as I am sure I will decide to create, update and delete certain sections of the site. As I find the time to create more Blog content, I will definitely make that a permanent feature of the site. For now—take a look around and send me an email if you like/love/hate anything you see! Or if you'd like to initiate a more professional relationship.


P.S. - I'm aware that the colors of the links on the landing page just throw off the whole thing and don't match. I wanted to use the clients' brands and I'm stickin' to it.

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